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6 Checks to improve Online Shopping experience

Online shopping is a gift in disguise. This has made life easy for those who get tired the next minute they hear the word- shopping. Needless to say, numerous websites have emerged in this quest to maximize profits and ensuring a better customer satisfaction. A  lot of new buyers today are keeping the online deals or so called ‘steal deals’ on priority and disregarding a lot more important facts while making a virtual trip to shop. For the philanthropic nature in us, we bring you the six basic checks that one can take for an online shopping website to ensure a better and contended experience.

Best Online Shopping Site- Benison India

Purchase Protection

This was one of the first questions which came into existence when the online market was germinating from its seed. People were concerned about online thefts and threats, even with the best online shopping sites. A website claiming 100% purchase protection with a safe payment method and trusted payment partners (American Express, Visa, Master Card) can take that tension away of getting cheated. We at Benison India ensure that your payment is done securely and the only thing you get is perfect customer experience.

Easy Return Policy

Whether you buy clothes online or electronics, no matter how good the product is, a personal touch and feel of that particular article define it. That sometimes is way more different in color and material than shown in pictures online (this also is mentioned on various websites). To deal with this unavoidable evil an easy return policy could do wonders. Our return and exchange policies are transparent and we try to keep them as flexible as possible. A lot of time people would like a t-shirt or a dress but they won’t be sure about the fit and how they would look in it. So a quick and explicitly explained return process can win the confidence of a brigade.

Cash/Card on Delivery

At times, when there is a new market and people are somewhat unsure about the endeavor, it is natural to opt for the option ‘Cash/Card on delivery’. This is generally allowed by checking the pin code for a particular location and granting that mode of payment. Conventional buyers today, still opt for payment at the time of delivery. We give you different payment options to facilitate you with your comfortable payment option. And moreover we aim to give you free online shopping site experience in the days to come.

Free and Fast Delivery

Someone rightly said, “Free delivery is a myth”. Yes, a lot of websites boast about this but only some are able to fulfill this customer requirement. Getting us charged for online delivery sometimes feel an as unfaithful act of looting the buyers. Do ensure these online enterprises mean what they say.

Moreover, you can also check the shipping partners (FedEx, BlueDart, DTDC) to ensure a fast delivery at your doorstep.

We have partnered with top rated shipping companies to ensure smooth and fast delivery.

Genuine Product

Skilled labour and easy replication have made the “genuine Product” quite a necessary term when it comes to online shopping. Almost all website claim this service. Though there are a lot who don’t. A basic advice to people is to not to trust blindly the products of such websites. We verify each seller based on different parameters as we would like you to only get the right thing.

24×7 Customer Support

A failed transaction, a delayed delivery, an extensive return policy, a wrongly placed order etc. Who do you think will be able to answer all these doubts of yours? This is where a responsive customer support comes into the picture. They would play a role of mediator between you and the company regarding the issue. This becomes one of the important factors in calculating an overall shopping experience of a customer.

Connect with our customer care today and feel the difference.

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Are you set with the basic checks to feel free and experience a fearless shopping adventure?

Keep busy, Keep shopping.

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