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A Smartwatch that can change your Life!

Smart is the new cool today. Be it your phone, speakers, locks, home appliances, and even your watch. It is all about what extra it does to make a change, to add value to your routine life or to help you function better and faster. Benison India Bluetooth GB8 Smart Watch live up to such expectations of this exponentially growing smart world where productivity is everything.


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Low battery? switch off the Bluetooth

What if you are in need of some smart work but the battery life of your phone doesn’t allow you to synchronize? We have solved that problem with a new mode called the Network mode (Sim Card inserted). It enables you to make or receive calls and messages via the sim card you inserted. At this time this watch works as a real cell phone.

Moreover, adding a Smart Sim card of IDEA (smartest network available) can land this best quality smart watch online in your pocket at the lowest rates possible. Just use the  code –

SMARTIDEA and get a special discount of 30% on smart watches.

The offer expires on December 31st, 2017 and is limited to idea customers only.

Anti-Lost property

In this busy and hectic schedule, we have our minds at several places at one go. In such conditions, remembering the whereabouts of our belongings becomes another task for us. You can now have the liberty to be absent-minded with the Anti-Lost feature of our smartwatch. Watch seeks phone or phone seeks your watch. It connects your phone and the timekeeper as one entity. Buy Bension India smart watch online and experience theft free environment.

Sync everything

We don’t believe in the word – ‘Constraints’ when it comes to syncing your data on various platforms. One tap and you enter the wrist of QQ, We chat, Twitter Facebook; time, schedule, text messages or news. A highly sensitive and capacitive touch screen displays push notifications and enables you to capture remotely.

Quick Response

Time is money and just a delay of seconds is enough to frustrate you. Software scans quickly, if there is a new version needs to update. With features like Smart Search, Smart Alarm, calendar, calculator, Smart Profiles, File Manager, Audio Player, Camera, Voice recorder, Image viewer, Video Player, Sound recorder and more, you are already done with half the work of your phone.

Fitness and wellness together – Smart Routine

A healthy mind helps to achieve a healthy body and vice versa. This smart watch plays a role of intermediate here with peculiarities like Pedometer, sedentary reminder, and sleep monitoring. Losing weight, keeping track of sleep, fighting temporary insomnia, achieving a normal sleep cycle and eating healthy becomes a bit easier with this innovation in your hand.

Why wait but instead encounter the change in your world by buying smart watches online today at and get benefits like maximum discounts, free and fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction.

Be smart and shop with us.

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