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Prestige PSWP 2.0 (49002) 18 L Gravity Based Water Purifier (White, Blue)

  • Non – Electrical & Storage : Gravitational purification – suitable for areas with water shortage
  • 18 L : More the capacity, more the users can be served with drinking water
  • Gravity Based : Non Electric Purification based on Gravity or Pressure

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15 in stock

WORKING PRINCIPLE Your Prestige® Water Purifier comes with advance 2-stage purification system Removes particulates and suspended impurities Removes odors and improves the taste of water Removes bacteria, viruses and parasites to meet USEPA guidelines for safe drinking water Purified water collects in the purified water tank 1. If purified water is not used for more than 2 days, best is to discard the water and clean the pure water tank with purified water. 2. Replace the cartridge in every 6 months. (Cartridge life depends on the quality of raw water fed) or when the water flow is slow 3. Use only cold water, do not use hot water. 4. Do not keep the water purifier under direct sunlight, this may damage the plastic of the water purifier or promote algae growth. 5. Always follow the Maintenance schedules. 6. If water does not flow, check if the auto cut off float is moving up and down. If this is OK, follow the steps given under monthly maintenance. If this also does not improve or results in no flow of water, then change the filter cartridge. It may have got choked due to the quality of raw water used. 7. Salts in the input water may sometimes precipitate inside the tanks. This can be cleaned with liquid soap and rinsing with clean water. Always use purified water to rinse the purifier water tank. Do not scrub the tank with a fibre scrubber or metal mesh. 8. This water purifier does not remove dissolved salts. Avoid using sea water or brackish water. The cartridge may get choked. 9. The water purifier should always be placed on a flat surface. 10. If the water is over flowing from the purified water tank, check if the float of auto cut off is moving up and down. If the problem persists, the seal has to be replaced. 11. Clean the prefilter at-least once in 15 days. 12. Keep the water purifier away from stoves. 13. Always use Prestige® spares.

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