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Khadi Organique Herbal Natural Neem Face Wash

Khadi Organique Herbal Natural Neem Face Wash

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Applied for:Anti-acne & Pimples::Deep Cleansing::Nourishment & Moisturization::Oil Control::Radiance & Glow::Anti-dullness


Composition:Aqua, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Wheat germ oil, Honey, Glycerine, Base Qs

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WHO GMP CERTIFIED, GMP CERTIFIED BY DEPTT. OF AYUSH, 100% VEGETARIAN and AN AYURVEDIC RECIPE. Reduces ageing spots and wrinkles around the eye areas. Beautiful eyes are the mirrors of a beautiful soul! \nLet tiny droplets of this stupendous under eye gel make your eyes all the more gorgeous and youthful. The novel mix of Khadi Organique is a perfect herbal formulation, promoting under eye area hydration. Detoxify and moisturize the under eye region, reducing puffiness, reducing ageing spots, inflammation and exhaustion. A fusion of incredible essential oils, this special gel prevents wrinkles, fine lines and sagging around the eyes. Reveal the depth of your inner beauty with breathtakingly beautiful eyes! \nFilled with the goodness of natural herbs, Khadi is a fine blend of luxury for your body. Handmade and carefully put together, we ensure no chemical traces and thus are proud of a 100% natural product. Each essential oil has specific benefits. These exotic fragrances along with the benefits of herbs and oils recommended in Ayurveda are ideal for beautiful, healthy Skin.


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