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Everyone has their special corner in home. My special corner is Kitchen; yes you heard it right- kitchen. From cooking to decorating, kitchens every part is my favorite work to do.

When it comes to decorating I love exploring kitchen tools that makes kitchen fancy also fancy tools add flavor to food apart from decoration part.

I have added certain things in my list being an essential part of kitchen.

  1. Whisker

[email protected]/-

Whisker is daily routine tool, one of my kinds as I am coffee lover and it helps me in making coffee foam in 30 seconds and starts a perfect day.

It not only whisks coffee but also eggs for omelets, makes own whipped creams and many more.

  1. Vegetable cutter

[email protected]/-

When it comes to vegetable cutting especially thin vegetables this vegetable cutter does magic. Helpful in cutting chilies, beans, ladyfingers and many more same shape vegetables.

  1. Dough Maker

[email protected]/-

This dough maker will ease kitchen life in minutes by making perfect dough for chapattis, poori, parantha’s and for other breads. It does magic without making hands wet and dirty.


  1. Roti Maker

[email protected] 1499/-

Make fresh, hot roti’s in just a matter of minutes. It helps in making perfect round roti’s, only thing to do make dough, place dough in center and close the maker it will do wonder for you.

  1. Mixer

[email protected]

It’s a multipurpose mixer consist of mixer grinder, liquidizing jar and Chutney jar. Easily blends food and vegetables for multipurpose things.


  1. Toaster

[email protected]/-

Crispy toast with butter is a perfect breakfast for everyone. This toaster will shine like gem in kitchen and gives you crisp toast in matter of minutes.


  1. Grill Pan

[email protected]/-

Ideal for your veg/non-veg tandoor items, grilled vegetable and cheese sandwiches at home.


These are my some personal favorite tools in kitchen. Hope you will find some essential and usable tools and décor our kitchen and food.


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