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Styling accessories for bike/car

“Life is all about being passionate to achieve dreams or live life”.

Everyone has some kind of passion in his/her life. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. Passion can be related to anything like dreams, some achievements, living & non-living things, etc.

Passion may vary depending on the life stages. Youngsters especially boys even though in later life though are passionate for their bikes and cars, their accessories, models and its maintenance.

Today’s blog is all about styling accessories for cars & bikes. Car & bike are routine vehicles of life. They are helpers of our life so their maintenance and styling is important.

Benison India came up with the idea of styling accessories for Cars & bikes.

260PSI 12V tyre shaped Portable tire inflator with electric mini air compressor pump for car, motorcycle, bicycle


[email protected]


  • 260PSI inflates ordinary car tire about 5 minutes.

  • Powered by cigarette lighter / DC 12V, once pressed the switch, it will work automatically with low noise.

  • It is compact and portable, easy to use.

  • Provide pressure gauge and 3 nozzle adapters. Ideal for inflating tires, balls, rubber floater, hovercraft and so on.



Pro clear coat applicator and scratch remover (Set of 2):

[email protected] only

This nontoxic product ensures no damage to your car or bike. This scratch remover is also water resistant so you will not have to worry about the cover getting wiped off and the scratches showing in the rain.


300PSI 12V Electric Air Compressor Pump & Tyre Inflator for Car (Black)

[email protected] 699 only

No strength required for pumping air as it is all electronic & is powered directly from your car battery.

Perfect for anyone who wants an ease while inflating a tyre.

Time saver as compared to mechanical pump.

Quick operation, very compact and easy to store in car.


Sun-visor napkin box holder for car

[email protected] 299 only

A great benefit of this product is it doesn’t take much of your space. The Clip is very strong and attaches tightly onto the visor, the box will not rattle when driving. The box is containing tissues and can also be refilled.


Mobile Holder for Windshield

[email protected] 199 only

  • The holder is compatible & stretches up to 5″ so will fit the largest phones.The stylish clip and grip holder makes mounting and unmounting your phone easy with the simple yet effective clip.

  • Designed for all Smart Phones, iPhones, MP4, PSP and PDA.

  • Easy to install and remove.




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