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The Golden Path to weight loss

In this modern era, lifestyle demands for slim fit body whether its male or female, both genders give tough competition to each other to look best in every attire and  at day to day life.

People rush to outdoor gyms, some practice indoor gyms followed by daily exercise routines, park activities, take care of diet etc. to lose weight. These activities help in lose weight but knowing the right things and at right time help in staying healthy.

Here are some tips that help in getting shape in right way

Don’t starve:

Starving yourself is never a right way to lose weight it will only give weakness to your body or else opposite can happen weight can increase as starving for long tends to store fat. Having meal less in calories can help, hunger time should not be avoided any salad or protein diet can help. Depending on body, meals can be divided.


Complete Breakfast is must:

Breakfast is most important meal of the day. As old saying “morning meal should be eaten like king” as it will keep you full whole long day and its healthy too but this saying is taken for granted now a days. In this no meal days and slim shape demanding century everyone skip breakfast or don’t take into consider but it has its ill effects as skipping breakfast can lead to unhealthy and more eating habits.

Say no to fizz:

Fizzy drinks are major cause of fat accumulation as calories and sugar content is high. We never take fizzy drinks serious and think 1 glass cannot make us fat but ignorance lead to obesity.

Drink enough water

A good diet plan with enough water is good and best way to lose weight. Atleast 8-10 glass of water intake should be there or else according to BMI.


Benison India has introduced certain slimming shape wear and calories burner which helps you to look in shape.

Hot Shaper Unisex Slimming Belt

Buy @ 299 only.

This product had been designed by keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of our society. New hot shape slimming belt for Men &Women is a product that is meant for people who doesn’t have much time to go to the gym for exercising

  • The product is designed to burn excessive fat and also it controls your body temperature to an extent

  • Not recommended to wear this all the time.


Free Size Waist Trimmer & Sweat Slimming Belt (Black)

Buy @ 999 only


Flexible Custom Fit for Exercising. This Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer was designed by to be worn during GYM exercise, Outdoors exercise or activities, Home Workouts, Jogging, and Chores & Many More.

  • This Sweat belt makes you sweat with waist trimming 360 Degree Effect.
  • Increases sweating and heat production when used with exercise.

Hollow Out 3 x 13 Hooks Corset (Black) for Waist Training & Body Shaper for Women

Buy @ 699 only.

         Brand new, quality, soft and comfortable to wear.

         Great for party, celebration, wedding, birthday, dinner etc., to show your good shape.

Hot shaper slimming t-shirt –Unisex.


Buy @ 699 only

The hot body shapers T-shirt is made of high-tech NEOPRENE fibers perfect for exercise, for normal daily routines, or for any physical activity. Its unique fibers and material produce higher compression resulting in more sweating.


For more details regarding the products log on to and enjoy your life.

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