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The Speakers that will Liberate the Inner You

Music binds everyone as a whole. It surpasses the barriers of language, regions, geographical boundaries, cultural diversities and what not. Music liberates your soul. On a primary level, instruments are needed to produce it. Then entered speakers, music systems and other electronic devices who expanded our horizons of music on a secondary node. With the new age technology coming up we present to you a series of divergent speakers online which not only make you travel to the source of the sound but ensure the well being of your ears.


The Speakers that will Liberate the Inner You


Callone 5.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker System

Want to throw a party at your house with some kick-ass music. This multimedia bluetooth speaker online is your savior. While covering the basic necessities of a speaker, it adds value to itself. User-friendly large display for convenience, all function state-of-the-art remote control. Moreover, It is endowed with a built-in FM with antenna for better sound.

Callone S311 Bluetooth Mini Wireless Sound Box

For the budding traveler in you who can’t part his ways from music, you can buy bluetooth speakers online and take your buddy wherever you head. A night out with friends, a day trek or a hectic travel schedule, this power-packed companion last for 7-8 hours. Don’t be fooled by the size because this small sound box has a woofer and a speaker to deliver you superb voice quality. Just connect the speakers to a pen drive, Bluetooth, memory card or a smartphone and listen to high-quality music which remains clear even with higher volumes.
And yeah, in times of crisis you can even use it as a power bank to charge your smartphone or similar devices.

Callone Bluetooth Sound Bar

Looking for a smart attachment for your Smart Television or just pairing with a computer screen? Sound Bars are much wider than they are tall, partly for acoustical reasons, but also so that they can be mounted above or below a display device. Basically, in a soundbar cabinet multiple speakers are placed which helps to create surround sound and stereo effect, buy sound bars online and in addition to large digital display for convenience, USB port to listen to music conveniently and wall mounting facility, you get a wooden cabinet for a better bass experience.

Callone Speaker Bluetooth Boom Box Tower

A very popular commodity in youth, it has its origin in American Hip hop music and culture. This 2.5 m High tower will boom your surroundings with another level high. The aesthetically pleasing tower doesn’t compromise with quality or beats of the sound. It possesses a dedicated BASS & TREBLE control knob and connectivity to all the platforms (PC, phone, USB, Bluetooth, memory card) which enables the person to play his music and listen to its peculiarities the way he likes.

There are options for everyone that suits individual requirements. From partying to making it portable, from being stylish and ending up being functional, these callone speakers online are here to change the way we define and perceive music.

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Buy these high sound quality speakers online with and get ready to submerge into a musical melodious life.


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